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Black Onyx Flower Bracelet

Stunning Clusters of Black Onyx forming pretty flowers on this silver bracelet.

Black Onyx


Approximately 7. 1/2″ Continue reading

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Sapphire Bracelet

Beautiful Sapphire Bracelet accented with hearts. You are sure to fall in love with this one!



Approximately 7 1/2″ Long Continue reading

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Gold Cross Earrings

Hypoallergenic and Nickle Free

Each piece receives three layers of the precious fine gold. The first layer is covered with 24k gold to sealed any contact from the raw jewelry to the surface. The second layer and the thickest is well known in Italy by the Italians because of its quality and durability. The 18k gold goes on the top of the 24k gold piece and serves as the main coat. Finally, a thin layer of the 22k gold serves as a finish in each piece, with the purpose of giving a nice luster and quality.  Continue reading

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